expositie Galerie Annee, Haarlem, 3 oktober tot en met 14 november 2020, tevens Kunstlijn Haarlem

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, galerie Annee, 29 okt t/m 1 nov


The action of painting
focuses on the idea of a repetitive gesture
as an obsessive form towards the paint
in order to uncover the traces of movement of the ego
transcending the space between the mind and the painting,
relying on experience or observation alone while
exceeding its own emperical existence

(oil paint,artist,impasto
abstract, art fair,New York, contempory art
pasteus, dikke verflagen,
kunstenaar, galerie, amsterdam,
rotterdam, zomer, lente,
expressief, dynamiek, krachtig,
kunst, nederland, art fair, kunstbeurs,
Joan Mitchell, Twombly)