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In her oilpaintings Wil Jansen uses motives from nature to
start an investigation to the fundamental aspects from the art of
painting. Looking for color and form, the properties of the material,
searching for patterns, rhytm and regularity, structures, and the
very special skin of paint. The outcome are coloured areas, lines,
and dots, stripes, cracks and crater. Showing explicit how the paint,
in repetitive thick layers, is essential in her paintings. The paintings
are not the expression of emotions, nor are they the result of abstract
visions. The proces of painting is very important. A repetition of
putting paint on and getting it of in movements, creating form and
structure that seems to be endless.

(oil paint,artist,impasto
abstract, art fair,New York, contempory art
pasteus, dikke verflagen,
kunstenaar, galerie, amsterdam,
rotterdam, zomer, lente,
expressief, dynamiek, krachtig,
kunst, nederland, art fair, kunstbeurs,
Joan Mitchell, Twombly)